Therapure – North America CDMO Platform

A global CDMO leader with technical expertise in recombinant biologics and purification

Business Overview

  • Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.

  • One of the few CDMOs with infrastructure and downstream purification experience in proteins from plasma and transgenic sources.

  • Globally diversified customer base ranging from multiple leading global biopharma organizations to emerging biotech companies, with over 20+ customers currently and with over 30+ on-going projects.

  • Broad biologic capabilities span early phase process development through production, protein purification and fill/finish.

First-Class Manufacturing Capability

130,000 sq. ft. facility located near Toronto.

Built to FDA, EMA, MHRA and Health Canada standards.

Sirton – European CDMO Platform

Founded in 1944 as Crinos Industria Farmacobiologica , 70+ years of experience and capabilities dedicated to Research, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sale of pharmaceuticals.

A CDMO Company which offers Fill/Finish Service to its customers.

  • Total Surface10,800 m2
  • Injectable Forms650 m2
  • Covered Surface5,400 m2
  • Packaging Area900 m2
  • Warehouse2,400 m2
  • Vial Filling Capacity

  • Lyophillization Capacity

  • PFS Filling Capacity

  • Vial Packaging Capacity

  • Ampoules Capacity

Sirton works strictly in compliance with the GMP regulatory of EMA

Integrated Global CDMO Operations

The combination of Sunshine Guojian, Sirton and Therapure creates a global biological platform with full geographic coverage

Global Geographic Foothold

Advantages of our Global CDMO Platform

  • A rare global-scaled biological CDMO player with the capability and capacity offering our clients comprehensive geographical coverage and diversified services.

  • Capable to offer a cross-regional CDMO solution with the large scale cGMP manufacturing capability for clinical and commercial DS and DP.

  • Well established commercial manufacturing presence in China, North America and Europe.

  • Be able to facilitate our clients for the future marketing expansion of their products globally, especially in China, North America and Europe.